Dubai Maritime City's ship lift facility

Our ship lifts can support vessels up to 6,000 tonnes and 130 meters in length overall

Our services & facility

We facilitate ship repair, dry berthing and more.

Dubai Maritime City’s facility to book a berth and to use our ship lifts are a sort after service for all ship repair companies in the region. This service can be availed by simply making a booking online. The service is applicable for all business partners of Dubai Maritime City as well as agents and shipping companies.

Dubai Maritime City has 2 ship lifts. The more significant ship lift, consisting of 28 hoists, can lift vessels up to 6,000 tonnes and 130 meters in length overall.

On the other hand, the smaller ship lift, consisting of 14 hoists, can lift vessels up to 3,000 tonnes and 90 meters in length overall.

The ship lifts play a key role in Dubai Maritime Cities service portfolio, from lifting vessels to be transported to the dry berths for the business partners to providing ship repair services. Our services and facilities are designed to support the supply chain and maritime ecosystem in our Industrial District.


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