1st Quarterly Maerifa Event

Dubai Maritime City conducted its 1st quarterly Maerifa Event on 28th March 2017. Maerifa is medium/platform for DMC business partners for networking opportunities, promote their company (products & services), highlight their areas of expertise, knowledge share, tackling common challenges as well as work as a community that is interdependent.



The main objectives were to:

  • Encourage the business partners to interact in order to develop business relationships.
  • Knowledge share (best industry practices)
  • Share success stories
  • Raise concerns/challenges that affect their daily operation.
  • Share suggestions that would improve the business transaction in DMC

The event was attended by 70 plus senior executive experts in the diverse sectors of the marine industry. The event was inaugurated with the welcome speech by DMC General Manager, Mr. Ali Al Suwaidi. Addressing the audience, he explained the meaning of Maerifa and its purpose followed by the networking lunch.

The event resumed at 2:30 pm with the inform on the developments in DMC Property Management services presented by Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Director of Property Management.

On his presentation Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim updated on leasing department (revised rate for 2017, welcoming new business partners, CRM department (DMC initiatives, Ejari registration; Customer satisfaction survey, e-services, campaigns & events held with DMC partners), Marketing (update on DMC website, monthly newsletter, update on social media platforms; advertisement banners) and Facility Management (FM awarded to Imdaad, dedicated call center for industrial precinct).


Subsequently, updates by  Mr. Adel Abdalla, Head of Project Development consisted, infrastructure developments, causeway traffic enhancement, Marine district landscape, Commercial signage and the new Immigration and Custom at gate number 2.

The event reached its most anticipated segment where the guest of honor and Speaker for the event Mr. Ved Chhabra, Chairman and Managing Director, Inter Ocean Ship Repairs LLC,   is a well-known personality in the Maritime Industry, winner of Life time achievement Award for his contribution to Maritime Industry 2007. His company has been operating in Dubai since 1991 with more than 30 years of experience in the ship repair industry was called to take the stage and address the audience.


Mr. Chhabra expressed his special thanks to Mr. Ali Al Suwaidi, DMC General Manager for honoring him for this veneration.

Mr. Chhabra spoke about his career in the maritime industry, professional experience in his home country and his second beginning in the UAE since 1991. He pointed the developments such as the size of transactions, services, infrastructure and etc. that happened in the maritime industry over all this period and especially in Dubai. He shared the example of Al-Jaddaf in its initial days and the challenges faced by the marine companies to the sophisticated facilities and international standards work environment that Dubai Maritime City offers today.

He also shared the economical ups and downs that pushed him to think out of the box, turn things around and capitalize of the opportunities.

He expressed his gratitude to the Rulers and Government of Dubai, his family, team members, Jaddaf, DMC Management and his business partners who supported in growing his business that employs 600 plus marine workforce.

Subsequent to his inspiring speech, Mr. Ali al Suwaidi presented him with the award for this contribution to this event and Maritime Industry.

The final segment of the event was open Q & A session. The engagement of our business partners was positive and the dedicated questions asked were answered to clarify all the concerns by Mr. Ali al Suwaidi GM Dubai Maritime City.

Finally DMC General Manager conveyed an open invitation to all our business partners to join Dubai Maritime City in the coming events and to visit his office for any assistance required from DMC.


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