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Retail facilities within the zone

Retail offerings of Dubai Maritime City include the ability to lease space that may be utilized for any consumer facing retail business. As a specialized maritime hub in Dubai, the use of retail space within the zone requires an approval process on the type of business operating within the space.

The primary use of shops and retail outlets would be ideal for businesses in the maritime industry. However, consumer facing retail business may include, but not limited to, restaurants, groceries, documentation services, sale of FMCG goods and more.

Why lease a shop in Dubai Maritime City?

Dubai Maritime City is a land mass of 249 hectares. The industrial district alone has a daily footfall of over 15,000 people, including employees hired by businesses set up within Dubai Maritime City. Retail outlets have access to this audience within the zone for commercial activities.

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Building a staff accommodation on a lease warehouse or a plot of land is against the regulations of DMC. The purpose of an industrial land is to be used for marine operations only.

However, Dubai Maritime City will soon offer staff accommodation in our new project aimed to be completed by mid 2024. This facility will be able to house over 8,000 men and over 900 women who work for companies that are part of Dubai Maritime City. Learn more about our staff accommodation facility.

The licensing authority that governs business set up and issuing an operating licence is Dubai Maritime City Authority. Please visit the website of for more details on licence requirements.

Office spaces available for lease and offered by Dubai Maritime City are part of the Maritime Business Hub. This 8-floor building has a number of offices available for lease. It is always best to get in touch with us to know how many offices are currently available.

Dubai Maritime City (DMC) is a zone responsible for providing infrastructure and real estate space, along with maritime services, to help maritime companies operate their business effectively. Businesses looking to lease space in the form of workshops, warehouse, offices and more – or those who would like to avail services for ship repair, manufacturing and maintenance at Dubai Maritime City’s Industrial District can contact our property management department.

Dubai Maritime City Authority is a United Arab Emirates government institution further operating under the Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation. It is responsible for certain licensing required by the maritime industry.