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A window to your marine equipment

Dubai Maritime City has been planned meticulously. We know it is imperative for marine businesses to put on their products and merchandise on full display for their clients. Showrooms in Dubai Maritime City intend to do just that.

By providing space for businesses to show their offerings, Dubai Maritime City encourages cross-business synergies and business sales.

Apart from being commercially viable, it also encourages businesses within Dubai Maritime City to get to know each other and grow collectively as an industry.

Easily accessible for the industry

Showrooms are unique within Dubai Maritime City, since it is the only space used to display a wide range of products, goods and merchandise related solely to the marine industry. They are easily accessible by customers within and outside of the Industrial District. Showrooms at Dubai Maritime City start at 94 sq.m (1,010 sq.ft.) in size with dedicated parking space for clients.

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