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Ship building, maintenance & repair workshops

The scale of maritime operations in Dubai Maritime City is growing steadily per day. The space facilitates the manufacture, repair, maintenance and storage of marine vessels along with the provision of installing machinery, such as overhead cranes.

Also, as a logistical bonus, the workshops offer front parking with an open space for loading and unloading, facilitating easy access to the vessels. As a premium maritime hub in Dubai, DMC offers pre-built workshops for all kinds of repair and ship building work.

Pre-built workshops for maritime needs

The workshops, irrespective of their sizes, are all built keeping in mind the requirements of the future and the projected vision of Dubai Maritime City. There are 2 types of workshops — small units that start from 260 sq.m (2,800 sq.ft.) and larger units that start from 884 sq.m. (9,515 sq.ft.).

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Specialised yacht repair workshops

Dubai Maritime City provides a unique world-class environment for the global maritime community by offering urban infrastructure, services and regulations.

Specialized Yacht Repair workshops are available specifically created to cater to larger-size vessels. The workshops are 2,522 sq.m (27,146.58 sq.ft.) in size. These workshops are modern, state-of-the-art, well administered and well equipped to handle any type of maintenance work for yachts in Dubai.

A gated maritime zone

Dubai Maritime City is a gated zone and maintains a high level of security within the industrial district. Round-the-clock security personnel monitor all gates, and adequate CCTV cameras are placed throughout the zone. The zone also adheres to HSE policies for industrial preventive measures.

Dubai Maritime City maintains high-security standards and procedures to ensure the maximum safety of investor assets and business structure.

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The zone is ever-growing and will continue to attract maritime business in the region and internationally. In 2022, there were a total of 280 registered businesses in Dubai Maritime City, leasing a total of 340 units of space and hiring a total of 7,500 employees.

There are various sizes of workshops at Dubai Maritime City. However, the largest would be the Yacht Repair Workshops. These are specialized workshops created to house yachts for repair and maintenance. The size of a yacht repair workshop is 2,522 sq.m (27,146.58 sq.ft.)

With our extensive capabilities to manage vessels and an efficient operations centre, an average of 500 vessels are repaired at Dubai Maritime City every year. This number is sure to increase given the growth of Dubai Maritime City in recent years. In 2022, 465 vessels were repaired in the first 9 months.

Dubai Maritime City (DMC) is a zone responsible for providing infrastructure and real estate space, along with maritime services, to help maritime companies operate their business effectively. Businesses looking to lease space in the form of workshops, warehouse, offices and more – or those who would like to avail services for ship repair, manufacturing and maintenance at Dubai Maritime City’s Industrial District can contact our property management department.

Dubai Maritime City Authority is a United Arab Emirates government institution further operating under the Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation. It is responsible for certain licensing required by the maritime industry.