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Why Dubai Maritime City?

Enabling end-to-end maritime solutions for your business

From leasing shiplifts, workshops and warehouses to shops, showroom and offices, Dubai Maritime City’s industrial precinct provides integrated maritime offerings with state-of-the-art infrastructure for all types of businesses. Our array of solutions and products cater to your varying maritime business set-up requirements with the highest standard of quality delivered.

With plots located in the heart of Dubai, world class government aided solutions, market access and ease of doing business, each offering further gives our valuable customers the capability to customise these solutions to fit their business’s bespoke necessities.

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Leasing solutions in Dubai Maritime City

Ship repair plots

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Leasing of Workshops and Warehouses

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Personalised solutions

Personalised solutions

Our services & facilities

  • Ship lifting
  • Wet berthing
  • Dry berthing
  • Ship repair yard

Looking to lease a ship repair facility?

As an integrated maritime cluster, Dubai Maritime City covers industry, regulation & infrastructure all together to provide a conclusive experience.

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Business licencing and regulations for registration of a marine business are managed by Dubai Maritime City Authority. To know more about the regulations of shareholders in a company, please get in touch with Dubai Maritime City Authority.

General rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirates state that "a partnership firm may have partners that individuals and non-individuals".

Building a staff accommodation on a lease warehouse or a plot of land is against the regulations of DMC. The purpose of an industrial land is to be used for marine operations only.

However, Dubai Maritime City will soon offer staff accommodation in our new project aimed to be completed by mid 2024. This initiative will provide housing for over 8,000 men and 900 women working in ship repair companies in Dubai Maritime City.

Learn more about our staff accommodation facility.

The licensing authority that governs business set up and issuing an operating licence is Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation. Please visit the website of for more details on licence requirements.

There are various sizes of workshops at Dubai Maritime City. However, the largest would be the Yacht Repair Workshops. These are specialized workshops created to house yachts for repair and maintenance. The size of a yacht repair workshop is 2,522 sq.m (27,146.58 sq.ft.)

Office spaces available for lease and offered by Dubai Maritime City are part of the Maritime Business Hub. This 8-floor building has a number of offices available for lease. It is always best to get in touch with us to know how many offices are currently available.

The zone is ever-growing and will continue to attract maritime business in the region and internationally. In 2022, there were a total of 280 registered businesses in Dubai Maritime City, leasing a total of 340 units of space and hiring a total of 7,500 employees.

With our extensive capabilities to manage vessels and an efficient operations centre, an average of 500 vessels are repaired at Dubai Maritime City every year. This number is sure to increase given the growth of Dubai Maritime City in recent years. In 2022, 465 vessels were repaired in the first 9 months.