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A modern take on warehousing

Tailored to the unique requirements of the warehouse facilities for ship repair companies, in Dubai Maritime City offer cutting-edge solutions for storing spare parts, materials, and equipment needed for ship repair and maintenance projects. With over 200 warehouses divided into 4 zones, Dubai Maritime City provides the ideal environment for businesses in the ship repair industry.

Pre built maritime units

Dubai Maritime City offers pre-built maritime units in various sizes, starting from 510 sq.m (5,490 sq.ft.) onwards, to accommodate the storage needs of ship repair and maintenance companies. The size of warehouses start from 510 sq.m (5,490 sq.ft.) onwards and are available to store spare parts and materials used for marine related business activities.

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A secure maritime zone

As a gated zone, Maritime City maintains strict security measures to safeguard the assets and operations of ship repair companies in Dubai. Round-the-clock security personnel monitor all gates and adequate CCTV cameras are placed throughout the zone. The zone also adheres to HSE policies for industrial preventive measures.

Dubai Maritime City maintains high-security standards and procedures to ensure the maximum safety of investor assets and business structure.

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The zone is ever-growing and will continue to attract maritime business in the region and internationally. In 2022, there were a total of 280 registered businesses in Dubai Maritime City, leasing a total of 340 units of space and hiring a total of 7,500 employees.

Building a staff accommodation on a lease warehouse or a plot of land is against the regulations of DMC. The purpose of an industrial land is to be used for marine operations only.

However, Dubai Maritime City will soon offer staff accommodation in our new project aimed to be completed by mid 2024. This initiative will provide housing for over 8,000 men and 900 women working in ship repair companies in Dubai Maritime City.

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Phase 1 of the industrial district includes 217 warehouses, offering ample storage space for ship repair and maintenance operations. The size of warehouses start from 510 sq.m (5,490 sq.ft.) onwards.