Ship-lifting and berthing operations

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We facilitate ship repair, dry berthing and more.

Dubai Maritime City’s facility to book a berth and to use our ship lifts are a sort after service for all ship repair companies in the region.

This service can be availed by simply making a booking online. The service is applicable for all business partners of Dubai Maritime City as well as agents and shipping companies.

Dubai Maritime City has 2 ship lifts. The more significant ship lift, consisting of 28 hoists, can lift vessels up to 6,000 tonnes and 130 meters in length overall.

On the other hand, the smaller ship lift, consisting of 14 hoists, can lift vessels up to 3,000 tonnes and 90 meters in length overall.

The ship lifts play a key role in Dubai Maritime Cities service portfolio, from lifting vessels to be transported to the dry berths for the business partners to providing ship repair services. Our services and facilities are designed to support the supply chain and maritime ecosystem in our Industrial District.


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All aspects of the maritime industry

Dubai Maritime City has come to reflect the integration of all facets of the maritime industry. A new marine business can set up shop in Dubai Maritime City and immediately gain access to an integrated network of services, whether industrial, regulatory or related to infrastructure.

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Ship lifts

The industrial district is purpose-built and comprises over 21 ship repair plots with 2 ship lifts that can lift 6,000 and 3,000 tonnes each.

As an important component of ship repair services, Dubai Maritime City has provisioned the two ship lifts while looking outwards towards the future. Both ship lifts are controlled via the control tower, which is the heart of the operations centre at Dubai Maritime City.

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Wet & Dry Berths

Primarily concerned with providing maritime services that include ship repair, maintenance and manufacturing services, a 1,270 meter stretch of wet berthing that can support 50+ vessels has been made available for businesses to use.

Apart from this stretch of wet berth, 42 dry berths of various sizes have been made available for businesses to use at Dubai Maritime City.

Several services are provided to any business who would like to utilise the berthing facility which includes the use of electricity, tug-boats, diving, skips etc.

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Wet Berthing is the berthing of boats in the water, a sort of parking for vessels. Dubai Maritime City offers a stretch of 1,270 meter dedicated to wet berthing for vessels of various sizes.

With our extensive capabilities to manage vessels and an efficient operations centre, an average of 500 vessels are repaired at Dubai Maritime City every year. This number is sure to increase given the growth of Dubai Maritime City in recent years. In 2022, 465 vessels were repaired in the first 9 months.

The zone is ever-growing and will continue to attract maritime business in the region and internationally. In 2022, there were a total of 280 registered businesses in Dubai Maritime City, leasing a total of 340 units of space and hiring a total of 7,500 employees.

As part of Phase 1 of the industrial district, 217 warehouses are built at Dubai Mairitime City. The size of warehouses start from 510 sq.m (5,490 sq.ft.) onwards.

There are various sizes of workshops at Dubai Maritime City. However, the largest would be the Yacht Repair Workshops. These are specialized workshops created to house yachts for repair and maintenance. The size of a yacht repair workshop is 2,522 sq.m (27,146.58 sq.ft.)