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Yacht manufacturing workshops

Specialized Yacht Repair workshops are available specifically created to cater to larger-size vessels.

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Prebuilt industrial

The industrial prescient of Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City is a 249 hectares of land mass with a dedicated Industrial District. Phase 1 of the industrial district is completed at Dubai Maritime City and this includes prebuilt warehouses, workshops, shops, showrooms and more.

The industrial part of Dubai Maritime City is fully operational, with a large number of business partners – over 280 registered businesses – operating from the zone. This industrial district is a hub for ship repair facilities, yacht charter, yacht repair and manufacturing, as well as workshop units.

Dubai Maritime City has a set of prebuilt units – such as warehouses, workshops and showrooms available for lease, specially created for businesses in the maritime and ship repair industry.

At the heart of DMC is the Maritime Business Centre. This building serves as the headquarters of Dubai Maritime City’s operations and allows businesses to lease office space within the 8-floor building.

Some facts

Full equipped ship repair yard

Dubai Maritime City also includes a fully equipped ship repair yard available for time based leasing. Our operations centre based in the yard controls daily activities for ship repair activities.

  • Lifting capability of 6,000 tonnes

    The ability to lift ships as low as 700 tonnes to a maximum capacity of 6,000 tonnes.

  • A ship lift 26m wide, 103m long and 6m deep

    A shiplift is used to dry dock and launch ships. Our operations team have the necessary equipment for all kinds of ship repair jobs.

  • 65+ wet & dry berths

    There is enough capacity to berth ships for repair at Dubai Maritime City.

Dubai Maritime City's industrial offering

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Warehouses of 510 sq. m. / 5490 sq. ft. are available to store spare parts and materials used for marine-related business activities.

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Workshops are leasable and facilitate the manufacture, repair and construction of yachts of all sizes with a total area of 133,202 sq. m / 1,433,771 sq. ft. of workshops.

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Office spaces

Office spaces of various sizes are available for establishment of client business within the city.

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Small retail spaces of sizes 64.48 sq m / 694 sq ft are available to offer a specified line of goods and services.

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DMC offers showrooms of 84 sq. m / 905 sq.ft area, with a dedicated parking area for clients.

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Dubai Maritime City is an ecosystem for the maritime industry